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Cardamom (Eletharia Cardamomum) is a green aromatic spice, mainly consumed by Arab countries. It is one of the most prized spices. Cardamom is used worldwide in many specialized foods, medicinal applications, fine perfumery and multiple uses.

Cardamom pods are classified by grades according to its size and color.



ImagesGRADE 1

Its color is green with closed whole capsules and is divided into four categories, which are defined as follows: (largest to the smallest)

Type 1: (Imexa´s brand – Extra Jumbo)
Type 2: (Imexa´s brand – Jumbo)
Type 3: (Imexa´s brand – Almas)
Type 4: (Imexa´s brand – Extra)


GRADE 2 Images

Its color is light green and yellow ones. It is a closed whole capsule with 3% value of empty capsules. It is divided into two types which go from largest to smallest:

Type 1: (Imexa´s brand – Dahab)
Type 2: (Imexa´s brand – Gold)



ImagesColor varies from  pale green, yellow to brown. The pods are dry and mixed varieties with broken and open capsules. It is divided into three types:

Type 1: Open pods.
Type 2: Mixed yellow pods which are measure by density of 360 grams per ltr.
Type 3: Yellow pods.




It is dark color, formed by seeds only. One quality which is the seed state.





Packaging Imexa: 1 Kilogram


Cardamom is packed according to its grades.

Grade 1, 2 and 3:Are packed in 5 kilogram black polyethylene bags, in 5 kilogram boxes, contained in a 40 kilogram master carton, or customer specs.

Is packed in 40 kilogram polypropylene bags, having inside a black polyethylene bag.



Packaging Imexa: 1 Kilogram


Cardamom can be shipped:

  • In 20 feet dry container with max. capacity 10,000 kilos.
  • In 40 feet dry container with max. capacity 20,000 to 22,000 kilos.