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Annatto Seed

Annatto Seed

Annatto Seed is extracted from the annatto tree (Bixa Orellana) which grows naturally on the mountainous region of Guatemala. Also known as achiote. The seed contains bixin, which is a natural colorant used in the food, cosmetics, textile industry and in medicine.

Annatto is primarily used by the dairy industry for coloring cheese, margarine and other dairy products. The cosmetic industry uses it in lipstick and suntan products.

Annatto is used in textile and leather dyes and as an ingredient in floor wax, shoe polish, wood stains and brass lacquer.


Annatto Plant Packing

Annatto Seed is packed in white polypropylene bags 40 kilograms.



Annatto seed can be loaded in 20 feet dry container max. capacity 20,000 kilograms.